The Reward For Standing Back Up

Over the last 20 years I've have been writing poems about getting married, having a daughter, going through a divorce, the death of my father, the recovery and life and obversations afterwards. I started off journaling but found the free flow of thoughts unhelpful, I started writing poetry, trying to find the right words to really convey how I was feeling. Several years ago I started a Poetry Meetup group in Manchester NH, and participated in the poetry workshop/conference at the Frost Farm in Derry NH from 2017 - 2019. Covid cancelled the event two years ago, and this year it was moved to August, and I was unable to attend. Hopefully I can participate in 2022. Based on what I learned from reading poetry and the workshops, I have reworked the following collection. Someday I hope to self publish or try a few competitions. Here they are: