My Old Dog

Misty, she is my old dog,
She has been with us for 15 springs.
So many memories
Each year preserved like a tree's rings.
Misty arrived after years of begging.
Hannah promised she would take care of her.
At fourteen weeks she was a tiny thing,
A white hairy beast, all covered in fur.

It was the same year my dad passed away.
I liked to think that there was magic in her breed.
That somehow my dad decided to stay
Guiding her, she could always sense your need.
Misty would accept her life as it came.
The kids would dress her up in their doll clothes.
Sometimes her look, those eyes saying please help me.
She never complained through all of those woes.

Misty loved running in the world outside,
Chasing squirrels, chipmunks or finding new smells.
Digging for worms or disappearing in the new fallen snow.
Leaping in the woods, pretending to be a gazelle.

On our long walks around the neighborhood,
Stopping at the field, looking for the mice
Or sticking her nose into the deep grass.
Friends at every turn, it was all so nice.

Misty, the years are passing way too fast.
Sometimes I can see you have slowed your pace.
It’s so amazing, when I throw your squeaky toy,
You are still so fast, always win that race!

Misty, as the years wind down
You still run to greet me at the door.
But I am dreading the day
That this happens no more.

Misty, today is not that day,
I will read these words to cheer your mood.
I know, you will just look at me
And say, That's nice, where's my food.

David Gray