The Air I Breathe

One step from falling,
I realized while climbing today.
Sunshine, blue sky, you can see in every direction,
Out to the edge, until the earth falls away.

I enjoy climbing, I’m focused with a single purpose.
The noise, the clutter, the clamor, my hectic day,
My heart beats strong, each breath, each step,
Like an onion, each layer is peeled away.

The sounds of the forest, my boots meeting the ground,
Steady pace, my rhythm found.

Though my motion is forward, I feel rooted in the moment.
The earth holds me close, reminding me I'm part of it all.
Each step I take, there is a decision to make,
Will I move onward, or will I fall.

Standing still, I slowly turn, and take in the grandeur of the view
Clouds dot each peak on the range to the west
One by one, south to north
The moist air, driven by the wind, deflected, cools to rest.

It is the most amazing thing to see a cloud birth
At just the right temperature it suddenly appears on planet earth

They've been here since the beginning of time
Where are they going, what do they see.
They float so high above, today, beyond my reach
Do they have any control over their destiny.

Each drop that they carry has shaped the earth.
This comfortable rock, this mountain top, are so old,
Rivers, valleys, oceans, the great plains and more.
Nature's tools, with patience and skill, her work unfolds.

What a joy it must be to sail at great heights
No cares, no worries, no one to fight.

Up here in the mountains your own clouds float away,
Released, the joy warms your soul, you hear yourself say.
I have so much to be thankful for, people I've met, things gone my way.
Family, friends, events from my past, each with a part to play.

Shaping my life, patience and skill, and a lot of luck.
They have all allowed me to fill my life’s cup
Sometimes the road has been hard,
Many missed steps, experience the reward for climbing back up.

The joy that shines out above all the rest,
Hannah, my daughter, hugs me, and tells me I am the best.

Hannah, it means filled with grace, mercy, and prayer.
A child of God, his gift to me, she is my air.

My love for her knows no bound.
So powerful, so complete, try as I may, no words can be found.

The biggest river, the mightiest waterfall,
The deepest ocean or sky high, they are nothing at all.

There is no distance to compare, it is impossible to measure.
I only know this, to have a child is the ultimate pleasure.

David Gray