Anger closes your mind, fills you with fears,
You can feel the adrenaline flowing.
As all of your reasoning disappears.
There is an urge to get yourself going.
As the anger grows and you beat your chest, 
Defeated, you cry out with all your might.
Confusion sets in about what is best,
But, by god, you are ready for a fight. 

A plan starts to formulate in my mind.
The answer comes, it's so easy to see.
The pain they have caused me has been unkind,
My plan is revenge, I will make them plea.

I feel the rage building on the inside
And yet empty, no place to turn or go.
Paths darken my heart and I dare not hide
I am afraid of how these feelings grow.

I am afraid of my own destruction.
Fear, anger, and revenge: must be aware!
There is so much power and seduction,
But those paths are easy and go nowhere.

There must be another path to travel
Revenge, fear and anger cannot be my guide.
I must get free or else I’ll unravel.
Today, now, I need to find a new stride.

I must get free of all of this darkness, 
I need to find something to show me light.
First to shed these feelings, complete starkness
Suddenly, inside me, these’s something bright.

It's God's light, because he’s always been there.
Stripped of my dark heart, his light can shine through
God's Light is Love,  my new mantle to wear.
I strongly recommend this path for you.

David Gray