I am in a dark place.
I am in a dark space.
I seem to merely exist.
I hear my name.
Brief glimpses,
    Of a life once lived.
I hear my name.
No happiness, No sadness,
Sometimes a little madness.
I know,
    There must be a way out.

Trapped, surrounded by demons,
    Invisible, but there.
Whenever I try to move,
I hear my name,
I feel their presence,
I feel bound,
They never interfere,
But never let go.

Full of despair.
No energy to move,
        I am nothing but air.
Why can’t I dissipate?
Why can’t I just float away?
My name binds me here.
I wish I could forget it.
Just when I think I can,
I hear my name.

Stop calling my name!

It’s over!
Why can’t I be let go?
There are never any good thoughts.
But, then again, never any bad.
It’s just me,
        Without substance,
        Without purpose,
        Without reason,
If it was even possible.
I’d go insane.
But I don’t really exist.

Stop calling my name!

Let me go.
Show me a path.
Open your heart.
Have mercy.

Occasionally I see the light of
    Forgotten oblivion.

Maybe someday.

For now
    I have to stay.

David Gray