It was cold this morning,
The grass crunching beneath my feet.
I noticed my breath, the seasons compete.
They say we will have snow this year.
I guess it's because of all those sun spots.
The morning paper, retrieved from the tube.
Nothing special, the world moved on, another day.
I've moved on to, and I'm ready to play.
To see all the sights, who wants to explore?
Let’s go find some exciting spots.
Reading the news, there’s so many cold hearts.
Why can't people forgive and start over.
I wish they could. Wow! A four leaf clover.
Imagine that, finding one here,
In the most unlikely of spots.
I am not sure where I’m going,
But I'd like to find someone who will say.
Why not come out and play with me today.
And maybe, if we are lucky, we will explain
We met right here, this very spot.
David  Gray