We have been waiting for you to arrive.
You are here, smiling, breathing, so alive.
The day you were born, seemed so far away.
We know that God has blessed us this day.

Hannah, with one small smile, you bring us joy.
Hannah, with one small hand, you hold our hearts.

As we hold you, tucked away in our arms.
In your innocence, protected from harm.
Seeing your beautiful face, God is there.
Telling us, this gift, I've heard your prayers.

Starting today until life fades away.
God wants you to be well, He is the way.
As each day passes and you breathe the air.
Listen with your heart, always be aware.

Thankful for his gifts, love, greatest of all.
He will speak to you, listen for the call.
Find your path, have patience, it may go slow.
Let God be your light, where ever it goes.

There will always be decisions to make
And of course, there will be many mistakes
Incredible, we get to watch you grow.
While you may be embarrassed by our glow.

David Gray