You are gone from my life.
I haven't seen you in years.
Your name doesn't come up in
My friends don't know
    You even exist.
You have moved on.
I am gone from your mind.
Why can't you escape mine?

Today's world lets us keep
	That should be broken.
I can search your name on the internet.
I can look at your Facebook page.
I can read your tweets,
    Look at your posts.
Time never has a chance to heal this

You've sent all this information about you
    Into the clouds.
It rains down on anyone who
    Chooses to see.
Why do I look?
Why do I feel good for your
Why do I feel sad for your
Why do I feel anything at all?
Why can't you escape my mind?

There you linger
    In a dark place.
You never say a thing
No hope, but then no despair.
You are simply there.
I've yelled at you
I've tried to coax you
I've tried to ignore you
Why can't you escape my mind?

What drives me to hang on?
Like those oak leaves still attached
    To the tree through hard
	December winds and driving snow.
Why does the tree not let them go?
Clearly they are dead, dried and brown.
It's not until the new buds appear,
That the leaf is finally let go.

New relationships have come and gone
Each new pushes out the old
The seasons turn, life goes on.

In respect to you,
My life has been a long hard December.
No matter how hard the wind drives me
Or the snow beats against my face
Or the cold numbs my senses
You are still there.

I guess its ok if you stay.

David Gray