The River

Each day as I walk along the river
To see what things nature will deliver.
I do not know what will be the offer.
Birds or all kinds bobbing on the water,
The ducks and geese paddling like crazy
Or sometimes they’re incredibly lazy.

Seagulls with their arial maneuvers,
Dropping as if landing on a cruiser.
The black cormorant stands on a small rock.
He is alone, he’s not part of the flock.
In the warm sunlight with his wings spread wide
Or floating until he dives down to hide.

Sometimes staring into the murky hue,
A giant catfish will come into view.
Some days the water is moving so fast,
Others feel like the supply will not last.
The pigeons congregate on slanted slate
While an eagle soars, he’s the head of state.

Sadly there are spots that can be ugly.
The forgotten items, trash and debris
Or remnants of the homeless populous,
Who seem to be hidden all around us.
The wreckage of all those old shopping carts.
The world would be better with open hearts.

Now that I have reached the end of my walk,
I’m looking around to see one last hawk.
While standing on the overlook platform,
There’s the building where water is transformed.
It’s a puzzle watching the water flow.
Where am I and where do I want to go?

David Gray