It rained last night, the road is still patched in puddles.
The morning sun is playing in the breaking clouds,
The purest light, having passed through the void of space.
Through earth's atmosphere, missing the clouds in the sky.
Through the tree branches shifting in the morning breeze.
The window pane and the partially opened blinds.
To fall on my desk and register in my brain.
To take all of it in, everything and nothing.
The birds are returning from their winter playgrounds.
Flitting branch to branch, tree to tree, singing, courting.
Squirrels, with agility or stupidity.
Leap across the forest floor to grab the branches.
As I ponder the beauty of this new morning.
I sit here trying to be aware of it all.
While feeling that someone shoved a knife in my eye.
Twisting and thrusting upward, with an evil heart.
A reminder that not all in the world is well.
I pray, coffee, cupped in my hands, held to my face.
Feeling the steam rise and watching the drifting swirl.
Will take my pain away to a forgetful void.
And finally bringing balance back to my day.

David Gray