A collections of stories

Here is a collection of stories, there are not that many. My favorite is about Charles and the little lost duck. Charles was a bear puppet that I wore when I was putting my daughter to bed at night. I would make up stories about his adventures, the little lost duck was a favorite, so it was retold and embellished. I ended up writting this one down, all the others are lost somewhere in my brain. The Firefly story I reworked into a poem and it can be found in the poetry collection titled Clasped Hands. The Life of Pi, is unrelated to the novel written by Yann Martel. It's a story about a cat named Piper. Pi is a letter press term for unsorted lead type from back in the day when the type for printed words was manually set. Normally the type was sorted in special drawers, with little boxes for each letter. The printer tried to be very careful, to keep the type sorted when not in use. I have no idea where the term pi came from, but I imagine, it's short for "pain in the ass", because trying to sort a pile of unsorted type is just that. The Knight, is a very short story inspired by a Jackson Pollack painting.