The Ramblings of a Scattered Brain


I always find a way to stay up late.
It’s past midnight and I should be asleep.
Reading Ted Koozer poems to Misty
She lifts her sleepy head and stares saying
In her dog way, are you talking to me.
With a sigh, settling back on her bed
Hoping the lights go out and drops her head.


I wish I understood the French language.
When I’m listening to French jazz vocals
It sounds so personal, only for me, 
But alas, La Mer, it’s beyond the sea.


I am just so dog gone tired of change.
Even though everyone says change is good.
But I just think it’s something people say.
Because everybody knows it just sucks.
I need coffee it’s time for some Starbucks.


I wish I could write some insightful thought.
Something that would make everything so clear.
The thing in which the whole world could agree.
Everything today defies all reason
And if you disagree, it’s high treason.


Busy, multiple jobs demand my time.
New people, new sights, bombarded with ads.
There are so many possibilities
I need to focus on the job at hand.
Clean the damn basement and sweep up the sand.

Let Go:

Associations, it’s hard to let go.
A lifetime of memories, so much stuff.
The corner hutch, fine china, crystal glass
Only opened for special occasions, 
Thanksgiving, Christmas and graduation.


The family gathers for the holidays.
Laughter, shared stories and a special meal.
My grandmother’s desk with secret drawers
Filled with curiosities and treasures.
These are wonderful memory pleasures.


Old chairs, my grandfather smoking his pipe.
The hand painted glasses with race horses.
Swizzle sticks, sitting on the red bar stools.
Porcelain birds, the Winston Churchill creamer.
All nice thoughts from this really big dreamer.

David Gray