Ghost Trains

New construction isn't always the best,
It's a cold winter night, with the north wind.
It was kept at bay during a warm day,
But returned with malice, biting the skin.

The windows, protesting the invasion.
Though they are closed tight and securely pinned.
Still the shades sway, that wind doesn’t know no!
It’s doing its best to find a way in.

The porch swing bangs again against the house.
There’s a constant whistle, out in the black.
Somewhere, it’s like ghosts haunting the dark woods,
Or an old train travels forgotten tracks.

I am like some animal in our den,
Burrowing deep under the warm covers
Knowing everything in the house is right.
I feel your body as you move over.

A gentle touch telling me you are fine.
One last loving kiss as you say good night.
I hope for warmth when we step from our keep,
With a change in the wind and sun so bright.

Dave Gray