The Sea

I went to the sea.
Walking out to the jetty's end,
Boats interrupting the horizon,
Seagulls circled, protesting my presence.
Sitting alone, I imagined you were the sea.
Out across, endless waves, a voice came to me,
I heard it cry, I am coming home, coming home.

Be there for me.
Water crashing on the rocks,
The spray blinding my sight.
Opening my eyes, there you stood
With arms entwined, our lips met.
As we kissed I felt the heave of your body.
The pounding of the surf echoed in my ears.

I heard your plea.
The pounding of your soul echoed in my heart.
Your passion, like the waves, unending, time after time.
Your power, always there, just beneath the surface
Until you reach the shore,  Until you reach my soul.
There, crashing, engulfing, surrounding
True happiness is born, knowing.

We were meant to be.
We became the sea.

David Gray