Guiding Light

I've journeyed far this year,
To a place I never wanted to see.
I've faced mountains, crags and cliffs,
Each step uncertain. I've stumbled often,
Falling to my knees.
I have pounded my fists in anger,
And cried out in the night.
All along praying, hoping the
Path I follow is right.
Family, friends, those I hold dear,
Have helped me stay the course.
To see what's important, to see the truth,
To find the source.
Life carries on, here I stand at the
Edge of the wilderness.
Thankful for all that I have learned, and
Despite the hardships, feeling blessed.
The next steps are hard, for I know I must go on.
To find what I will become, to set my mind free.
This journey into the wilderness, 
This journey for self discovery.
Though I walk alone, and sometimes 
Feel that I am in hell.
I know I am not, my family, my friends, and
God all want me to be well.
Out there in the darkness lies the path I
Have not found. Trusting that it is there
From someone not seen.
The path I must follow has been designed for me.
By chance? Destiny? Or something in between.
Only with faith, compassion, courage, and
Understanding can I see.
God's light shines all around me, the path appears
I am the light because God is in me.
As I become aware, and look beyond my light
I finally see those other lights,
Who have come before me.
My new life is just beginning, my light will
Shine bright, for all who want to see.
Maybe I can be a guide, for those who want
To be.
David Gray