Happy Birthday Elizabeth

The cycle of the moon
Sometime it's so bright it turns night into day
Others, there is no help after the sun has set
It seems to disappear
It's gone from my view
Leaving me lost
With a sense of not knowing quite what to do
I see that our friendship
Has followed the same course
It has waxed and now waned
But like the moon
Friendships never really end
Though I am not sending you letters
Or asking how you feel about some strange thought
Not wondering how you'll react
Or if I've crossed some invisible mark
You will forever be in my thoughts
Wishing you well
Hoping the hard road you've traveled
Has brought you to a blissful place
Where the madness
The insanity of the past
Finally released
Consumed by the nothingness of forgetting
A place where good memories find their way home
Safe in your heart
Warming your soul
A place where bad memories lose their way
They've played their part and exit the stage
The future is there
A welcome embrace
Your story
As it continues to unfold
Written by you
Where you have your own say
Setting your sights on what's to come
Blessed with a second chance
Living in rhythm
Enjoying life's dance
I hope every sunrise
Brings rays of welcome to a new day
I hope every sunset
Brings a smile with new memories tucked away
I hope you enjoy your birthday
I hope you have a great day

David Gray