The Rain

Closed to the world, I’m not sure what is right.
I often wonder how things came to pass?
My life has changed, not as I thought it would.
A gentle sound begins to clear my doubt, 
It’s the sound of rain. It is raining out.
It seems to be a gloomy day, hopeless, 
There is no sun, no rays to warm the soul
Again I wonder how things came to be. 
The rain, the rain, it’s penetrating me, 
It’s easing my doubt, it might set me free.
The falling rain softens and warms the earth.
Rain, nature's tears, brings life, wisdom and hope
Life, once was dormant, begins to spring forth,
Wisdom to know what's in the past is past, 
And the hope of what new things come to be.

Planted, letting the rain wash over me.
Erosion, the old is washed out to sea,
Raw, exposed, no longer bound to the past,
Only today, my life is mine again.
My doubts are gone, the rain has set me free.
David Gray