Thank You Dad

It’s a Tuesday afternoon, just another day. 
I woke up early, and did my morning routine. 
I got Hannah moving, ready, we had breakfast, 
Her quick dash for the bus and I was on my way. 
With things to do, ready to face another day.

Work was so busy and totally unprepared
While writing a new report the hospital called. 
Mister Gray, I am so sorry to inform you
Your father has passed away. That’s impossible!
With a racing heart I drove to the hospital. 

I was thinking how I’m going to apologize 
To all of those people that I had just called, 
They have made a mistake, it must be a mistake!
Our family had dinner just three days before!
Unbelievable, I can’t see him anymore.

My Dad was gone, his life spirit had disappeared
Crying, I told my Dad I loved him, and good-bye. 
I've spent hours sitting in his office, at his desk
I find it hard to leave, there is so much dismay, 
My dad is in my heart, and he is there to stay. 

So many memories, things to be thankful for. 
Each playing a part and each a magic moment, 
A slight of the hand, at the time so unaware, 
It’s only now, looking back, the trick is revealed. 
It was his gentle way and how his kind heart healed.

His common sense, solving, teaching along the way. 
I saw it many times, it always amazed me 
The way he could peel the complexities away. 
We all make our lives so difficult, so immense. 
We often get where it doesn’t make any sense.

He saw through all of it, he knew what was needed, 
He knew what to do and the simple thing to say. 
I sought his advice less, having learned his lessons.
It was a great comfort knowing that he was there
But he’ll always be in my heart and in my air.

It was years ago, when we lived in New Jersey
I remember sneaking downstairs Christmas Eve, 
Long after Santa had come and gone, there was Dad.
Tools spread across the floor, little parts everywhere,
And surely on his face was a look of despair.

He was trying to understand the directions. 
Santa Claus did not always bring things assembled, 
In fact Santa cannot do his job properly
Without Dads working quietly behind the scenes. 
I just don’t think those little elves had all the means.

It is why we have Dads with life's tools tucked away, 
They’re always helping us put things back together.
Our family Christmas mornings were always great. 
I loved running downstairs to see my Santa gift. 
My parents had their coffee for the needed lift.

Six years later when we moved to Bedford New Hampshire
We had many adventures as a family, 
Vacations in the mountains or trips to the sea
Those years went by far too fast. I was growing up,
Becoming a man, why didn’t I stay a young pup.

My favorites were ski trips to little Pat's Peak,
Bicycling around town, we’d all ride together,
Bruce and I, my Dad, my Mom, and our dog Gretel.
Our dog just loved to ride in my Mom's front basket. 
Yes, Gretel really was the family mascot.

It used to crack my Dad up, on Nashua Road, 
There was a yellow sign that read Thickly Settled. 
There were three houses, We loved going by that sign. 
Today, the sign is gone, and while we have all grown
Seeds planted long ago have blossomed on their own.

I am older now and have my own family
And passing along those teachings given to me
And sharing all those great family memories
Today Hannah and I still love to bike and ski.
Vacations in the mountains or trips to the sea.

My best memories are little things I miss most. 
Building something with my Dad in the garage shop.
To me, it did not really matter what it was.
How to cut the wood? What to do, he always knew.
He taught me so many things. Where to put the glue.

I struggle being a good Dad and good Father. 
Good Dads are fun, they spend time with their families, 
There are the trips to the beach, picnics and parties.
Good Fathers are always there, they are always fair, 
They understand life, are patient, and guide with care.

He built a lifetime of trust, giving strength, hope, faith.
As I continue on with my own family.
I will always try to be just like my Father 
I will always try to be just like my Dad. 
Dad, I miss you. 
Dad, I love you. 
Dad, Thank You!

David Gray