Gentle Breeze

I’m lying here with windows wide open.
A gentle breeze carries in the evening air,
Scented, the spring time dogwoods are in bloom.
Leaves rustle in the sway of evening breezes.
Night noises, lovers sing, hunters stalk their prey.
Full moon, silver light, colors distorted,
Mosaic patterns fall across the bed.
The candle flames protest the invasion,
Flickering, the dresser, marred with hot wax.
A cooling damp sheet clings to my body.
I feel cold, except where you have settled.
Holding your body gently in my arms,
As I remember the intensity.
In this strange light, I watch your peaceful sleep,
I listen to the rhythm of your breath.
Seeking to continue the connection,
Lying next to you, I start to slow down.
Sounds begin to fade, following your lead, 
I begin to breathe in rhythm with you
As the gentle breeze steals my consciousness.

David Gray