Inspired by the sculpture Girl With Clasped Hands by Henry Moore (1930)

It was getting late, the sun had already dipped below the horizon while orange and pink clouds still gave a strange and magical hue. Hannah knew her father would be angry, because she had promised to be home before dark. As she reached the edge of the Great Field, in the dimming light, she started to run as the path became smooth and familar. She was almost home when suddenly something caught her eye. But when she stopped to look, there was nothing. Hannah started off again, and again stopped, thinking she saw something in the corner of her eye. Once again, but slower, she resumed her homeward trek. Suddenly there was a flash of yellow-green, and then another. Then one right in front. Hannah stopped and looked around, it was as if all the stars fell from the sky and were dancing in the Great Field. Some twinkled on the grass, while others moved all about. Hannah carefully approached the glow on the top of a long blade of grass. Using both hands, she captured it, and peeked inside. It tickled, but it didn't burn. Clasping it in her hands, she ran the rest of the way home. Her father was waiting, but before he could say anything, she yelled Father! Look what I found!. Upon opening her hands, her father laughed - Its a firefly!

The End

David Gray