Leopard etching print


This is a dry point etching done on a sheet of plexiglass. The is a web site called unsplash.com, that photographers post their work on. I stumbled across a picture of a leopard that looked liked one taken at a zoo. So I gave the image jungle background. I wanted a image to play with negative space, and thought this would make a nice print.

In a dry point etch, a very pointy and sharp needle is used to scratch into the material, this may be a copper plate, plexiglass, lexon or any other smooth material that will allow a line to be incised. When incising a line into the material, a small burr or rough edge is left along the edge of the line. To make the print, the entire plate is inked, then the excessed ink is wipe away, leaving ink in the incised lines, and that captured in the burr. It is the ink captured in the burr that give the image the deeper tonal qualities. Unfortunately, the number of prints that can be made is limited. With each inking and wiping, some of the burr is removed. So from time to time, the plate needs to be re-scratched, but this obviously cannot be done indefinitely.