This is a mixed media acrylic painting with attached painting and paper - 18in x 24in


The third piece in the series is titled "ALIES" and was influenced by the last two in the list: Self Portrait by James Aponovich and 11PM by Jennifer Bartlett.

The third piece in the series is a picture of the gardening workstation that I re-purposed in my mud room. Its a place where I most often toss and sort my mail of write notes or reminders. The Aponovich pieces are just so real and detailed, its fun to just stare and slowly take in all the complexities. In the self portrait piece I loved the bulletin board with the pictures, sketches, ideas and in the Bartlett piece I enjoyed to personal notes, capturing a moment in time as the cat is walking by to glance at all the stuff.

The third piece is a single point perspective picture of the table, its painted white and I tried to used different tones of gray to give it a 3-D effect. On the bulletin board I attached the half gray-toned portraits of my journey-mates and a painted recreation of my ideal room. On the table is the first draft of a poem I am writing about my cat "Joey" who has gone missing. This poem can be found in my poetry collection. In the Barlett piece, she painted her cat walking by the cofee table, she my cat is Missing in Action, I added the poem to the piece.

Unlike the Aponovich and Barlett works, instead of painting the various elements, I chose to attach then right to the canvas, again, this is the "Voices" piece influence.

The titles of the three pieces are: VIST SUUD and ALIES which is an anagram for VISUAL STUDIES