Dajo's Corner



This page contains notes about current projects and is subject to change from time to time.

BIG INK Proposal

I was searching the briarpress.org site for sales and checked out the events page. There was a link to http://www.lyellcastonguay.com/big-ink/apply for artists to submit a proposal for a large woodcut. To date I have only done small woodcuts, but after watching some on the videos for large woodcuts, and seeing the detail that can be achieved printing large, which is wicked cool. I realized this is something I wanted to try it. I thought it would be a great way to continue to explore ways of reproducing one of my daughter's high school graduation pictures. This was my favorite picture because it seemed to capture both the sense of relief, having completed the first major life milestone and knowing that the journey is really just beginning as she focuses on the future.

The first in the series was a 14x20 inches drawing:

The second in the series was an 8x10 drypoint on lexan

The third in the series was a 6x9 inch wood cut

Proposed fourth is the series would be a large woodcut: 35x50 inches.

Book Art Projects

In my letter press class we were talking about Pi or pyed type. The thing that happens when you drop a drawer, or your form and you end up with a pile of unsorted type. I asked where the term came from. So far, have not found an explanation. But I as one's mind wanders, I started thinking about how Pi happens, and wrote a micro short story called

The Life of Pi

From here I am planning on 2 projects:

1) Create a broadside scroll, with a collograph imprint made from wooden letters I purchased at Michaels, as the background, think orange ink on white paper with black text, or orange ink on grey paper with white or yellow text. Probably need to experiment to see which one looks the best.

2) Create a box book, inside the front cover would be the type form for the title page of the book. The pages of the book would be printed on white stained balsa wood, which is then hardened, the back cover would contain Pyed type. The box itself would be stained black, with an embosed, red leather book cover. I think I'll need to build a stand for the book, since it will be quite heavy with the lead type in the front and back covers.

Web Projects

I am creating a line of apparel under the heading: Holy Thunderhead - When Change Disrupts Life. A new life style brand. There will be t-shirts, sweat shirts and accessories with funny sayings. Right now there is just a splash page there, with not much to do with the real site. Checkout the site Unsplash for great photographs from some amazing photographers around the world.