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Scissor Jack Press

When I first started print making I thought it would be cool to have a press at home, however, after some research I found out that even a small decent press can be quite expensive, and used ones do not come along very often, so I decided to try constructing my own press. This first press just uses an scissor jack to acheive the press force, however this can be substituted with a bottle jack. The instructions for constructing the scissor jack press can be found here: Scissor Jack Press. However, after constructing it and experimenting, it does not generate anything near what is required for an 8x10 inch intaglio print. I 2x2 inch image was the most I could achieve, although it did work well as a gluing press.

Conrad E-15 Etching Press

Last year I decided to bite the bullet, and ordered a Conrad E15 Etching Press. I love this press, and recently setup and Edinburgh Etch to increase what I can do at home.

Kelsey Excelsior 8x5 Table Top Press

The newest edition to my home presses is a Kelsey Excelsior 8x5 press along with an assortment of type, slugs, furniture, etc, needed for letter press printing. I still have a few more pieces to accquire before I can really get going with it. But looking forward to experimenting with it. I scanned the Kelsey Printer Guide and have included those images below for reference. This page in general will be mostly decicated towards letter press work.

Kelsey 8x5

Kelsey Printer's Guide

I just recently visited the Museum of Printing at 800 Massachusetts Ave, North Andover MA 01845. They have a very nice collect of old prints, plus a store where you can purchase type, small presses and other things used in for letter press.

The person I bought my press from used to teach Letter Press, and had 6 charts produced by the Education Department of the American Type Founders Company in Jersey City NJ.

The Museum of Printing also had a set of cards mounted on the wall, since photographs were allowed, I tried to record some of them with my mobile phone. Unfortunately the quality is not that great. Below is a link for the some of the cards.

American Type Founders Company Education Cards